Oak Garden Rooms

Oak Garden Rooms & Sunrooms

Typically two phrases are used to describe these lifestyle-enhancing buildings; Oak Garden Rooms or Oak Sunrooms; essentially both terms describe the same structure.

An Oak Garden Room or Sunroom is an oak framed building with up to 3 glass-panelled sides and finished with a fully insulated, tiled roof. This provides our customers with a bright wide-open space which is usable all year round irrespective of the weather.

A highly practical alternative to a traditional conservatory, an Oak Sun or garden room is excellent for those looking to enhance their living area. Often clients couple their new room with bi-fold doors which serves to open up the room to the garden.

Generally the first step is to arrange a no obligation visit this involves discussions on how the client lives, what they want out of the intended new space, how much light they want to come in and how they want to integrate the new space with the garden.

Although you may not realise it, from these discussions and the answers you give, you are designing your Garden Room along with us. As you explain more of your ideas and how you want to use the space, certain things about the design become clear and help in the process of creating the lifestyle you want to achieve.

Rooms That Stand The Test of Time

Oak framed construction is proven to last for hundreds of years. It’s a hard-wearing, natural product which will stand the test of time.

All glazing in our garden and sun rooms adheres to British building regulations standards, giving optimum insulation and energy efficiency.

Our oak frame buildings are handcrafted and erected in our workshops before being dismantled and delivered.

When the ground works are complete, we can begin to erect the building. The normal time frame for an oak garden rooms to be completed is two weeks from arrival on site.

The Oak Glass House Company are Based in Kent we design and install Oak Garden Rooms across the United Kingdom.

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