The Oak Glasshouse


Q. Do these buildings require planning permission
A. Extensions
These normally do require planning permission although sometimes they can come under ‘permitted development’. Even if an extension is built under P.D. it will still need to comply with building regulations.
You can look at the regulations at


These often do not require either planning permission or building regulations.

Garden Rooms

These are built with the intention that they will not require planning permission. If you are in a conservation area however you should be aware that different rules apply. We recommend that you contact your local planning department and confirm that no planning permission is required for the building you want. You can look at the regulations.
You can look at the regulations at

Q. Do these buildings require foundations?
A. Our garden buildings do not require foundations as they sit on a pre-cast concrete pad which turn sits on a compact base.
Our extensions do require foundations.

Q. Do you pour the foundation?
A. We do not pour the foundations but can assist you in finding a local builder to do this work for you.

Q. Where does the oak come from?
A. The oak is sourced from sustainable forests in France. We can source oak from the UK if specifically requested by our clients.

Q. Do you provide a guarantee?
A. We provide a guarantee for a full 5 years. It does not cover minor faults e.g. such as shaving a door which is tight after a few years. The guarantee is for the structure of the building and if we have installed the flooring or tiled the roof we will also cover these for 5 years.

Q. Are all roofs and floors insulated?
A. Yes, the roof and floors of our buildings are insulated. The glass panels are double glazed and toughened to provide greater insulation to ensure the building can be used all years round.

Q. What are your lead times?
A. Typically, after receiving the order, we will hand craft the building in our workshop and erect it on site within 3 – 8 weeks.

Q. Do you remove all materials from site after construction?
A. We remove all surplus materials from site at the end of construction.